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Heather Binder - Boots on the ground portugal
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Get to know Heather a bit...

I’m a HELPER. You know the type; we cannot help being helpful! My background is as a Real Estate Broker (selling property) and the Managing Broker to 1150 agents at a large brokerage in Phoenix (read my LinkedIn reviews and details for more).

My background as an Ashkenazi (Eastern European) non-religious Jew always had me fascinated with Europe. I went on a solo 31-day backpacking trip at the age of 39 in 2012 and fell in love with Europe. Then, in 2018 my father was diagnosed with a rare blood disease. Of course, COVID came in 2020, changing everything. Both of these quickened our family’s plans of making Portugal a reality! The Silver Coast, specifically the gorgeous Caldas da Rainha countryside, became home in early 2021, and I’m not looking back!

My vast and varied experience has done is given me all the key components needed to help people, from scouting to exploring to taking that step to get a Visa and become an official Expat or Immigrant to this fabulous country!

Focused on Consulting & Visa Package applications, I do break away for 1 or 2 days a week for some limited customized tours & video time for properties.

My idea of fun is bringing good people together, like my wonderful native friends and partners, and having gatherings/events for people to meet and just be social.

Here are your warnings:
1. I have a tendency to swear like a sailor if I’m comfortable with you!

2. I have ADD, which means I HYPERFOCUS (with a tendency to be a workaholic), and I have NO filter on my mouth… I try but often fail!

I STRONGLY believe in the power of partnerships AND community building, and I’m here to be an asset to you and all of Portugal!

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Clients Review
We're currently using Boots on the Ground Portugal services for our D7 Visa application, and so far what we've seen has been nothing short of fantastic--Heather Binder is super organized, offers superior tracking of each step, and full support during an extremely stressful process. We'd recommend "Boots on the Ground Portugal" for expats looking for guidance on this complex effort. Thank you for making our lives less complicated! Looking forward to working with you during our journey abroad
Peggy SaavedraTechnical Writing Manager at Google
We are so grateful to Heather Binder for all of her amazing assistance, knowledge, and kindness throughout our moving to Portugal adventure! Her assistance and thoroughness helped us speed through our Visa applications and receive our approvals in about 30 days! Heather has been a lifesaver! Her years of experience as a realtor in Phoenix, AZ as well as her time spent in Portugal has equipped her for providing great advice. If anyone is interested in making the move to Portugal and is looking for a valuable resource to simplify the process I would certainly recommend Heather! You will not regret it!
Melissa & Jimmy BaughnD7 VISA Recipients
Heather is the first person I would turn to if I was moving to Portugal. She shared her personal journey to Portugal and I followed it closely. She did things intelligently and has only gained more knowledge through her experience. She will be a wealth of information and help to her clients. Heather is one of the most honest and hardest working people I know. I would trust her completely and know that she will advocate for clients (and friends and animals) tirelessly. I highly recommend her!
Stephanie Larson DeBuhrParalegal