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Portugese VAT
Let us help with getting your NIF from a distance and we have local natives to work as your Fiscal Representative until you are in the country yourself. The NIF is required for D2, D7 & Golden Visas for everything!
license exchange in protugal
Start this before you leave your country of residence! You will be glad you did. Let us guide you on the steps, and connect you with a remote Dr who can provide the required medical attestation required & that you submit a complete package for the fastest processing & biometrics appointment.
Green piggy bank saving
Let's Get You Setup for Your Visa Application Submission! Open a Portuguese bank account from anywhere in the world and we'll step you through the process and paperwork and set you up with a banker.
Let's put our heads together & discuss any topic that helps you make well-informed decisions! Heather is available for calls, as is a local native partner to ask all sorts of questions and get help with a variety of topics! Inquire and book and let us know if you also want to get a locals perspective and we will make it happen!
portugal map
Heather has traveled, researched, and spent a good amount of time over three extensive scouting trips since 2017 in various areas in Portugal. Learning about the nuances of the smaller cities, beach towns, inland central locations to what the bigger cities offer, as well as the lifestyle, culture and weather differences among the regions. If you don't have time to scout extensively, just want to check on if you think your thoughts are making sense, or just have general questions and want expert advice
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