The Pastel de Nata (Exclusive Add-on)

Available Exclusively to our Meia de Leite #3 and Galão #4 Package Clients
Reduce the Stress… Minimize your Work!
Driving License Beyond Guidance
Attorney Review
Detail About The Add On
  • Reduce the Stress… Minimize your Work!

  • Receive your visa application package by Fed Ex delivered to you by our partner located in the US. Our partner Mike is trusted and we have a long-standing relationship with him and we have a non-disclosure agreement in place. Mike carries a fingerprint clearance card (and actually is a long-time employee of an AZ state government office himself in IT) and prints your documents from a private printer.
  • Our assistance here is a big time and stress saver for many clients. It keeps you from having to open each folder inside the item folder and find the final one and print it. It makes it easy for you to have confidence that your package is in the correct order, plus Mike will do final complete video package review with Heather directly and notate in the package exactly where each applicant needs to sign each document, as well which documents to take and get notarized. This helps ensure you do everything on your side right. We will even address everything including FedEx account labels from your location to VFS if you are mailing in (applicable to DC applicants only), as well as include a postage-paid return FedEx envelope which the embassy will use to return your passport to you once the Visa has been affixed inside it.
  • Our partner will also notate where you should input the passport pictures/money orders (if applicable) as well as the FBI report original you received. This leaves the room for technical error significantly lowered because we are doing ALMOST everything to ensure your document package is put together the best it can be and will be a clean file for VFS/Embassy/SEF to process down to the minute details!
  • Driving License Beyond Guidance

  • We will guide you on what to do while still in your home country to get the documents you will need eventually in Portugal to exchange your license, we currently provide this initial part of the exchange process in our visa packages 3 and 4.
  • With this additional service, we take that a step further. Once you have received your Temporary Residence card and your health number, we will get you scheduled for the required medical exam (it’s super simple, and also we have included this fee in our pricing). We will then take all your required documents (we will help you collect them as best as possible) needed and submit them electronically on your behalf to the appropriate Portuguese authorities.
  • We will then provide you with detailed information on how you will be contacted by the Portuguese authority for your appointment to turn in originals, do your biometrics, and pay the exchange fee. We will be there with you until you have that new license in your hand! Be prepared that this is a long arduous process on the best of days, so we expect it to take one year to one and a half without any delays for this to occur.
  • Attorney Review

  • We work closely with several real estate attorneys we have relationships. If you opt for the Pastel de Nata add-on Heather and you will determine your application strategy and then she will proceed to present and discuss this and any other options/thoughts with the attorney early in the process. If the attorney feels there are other more viable options or an issue with the strategy Heather will discuss this with them and bring you into the conversation. Heather will also introduce you to the attorney we have consulted who will be reviewing the final application file, as well.
  • After the file has been processed and the final package is approved by the attorney for submission you will be in a position to make your already scheduled VFS appointment or mail in your application, whichever applies to your situation.
Heather is the rarest combination of strategic and detail-oriented. She has the people intelligence to grasp specific buyer needs/goals, and the strategic knowledge to identify the properties and sub-markets that will meet them. As a buyer's agent, she is unusually detail-oriented and an amazing advocate for clients. Her well-earned respect in the area's real estate community affords her great information and resulting benefits for buyers. Plus, she's an absolute joy to work with!
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