VISA Administrative
Services & Consulting

Our goal is to provide quality info and assistance via our Consultancy Service and VISA Administrative Services customized to your unique situation helping you to gain residency in Portugal.

Our Consultancy Service will focus on learning about your situation, and a plan of action for you to move forward toward your goals.

Our VISA Administrative Services assist you in organizing your data and helping to manage your application details. We actively work with you to streamline your documents, highlight the key details, reduce the papers to what is required (max package is 40 pages only), provide a local citizen reference, fill out documents and present a uniform and clean application for easy processing with minimal work by you.

Although your circumstance is unique and therefore we cannot guarantee approval of your application, we guarantee that we will work hard and bring you the creative solutions sometimes needed to make a situation work.

In addition, Heather, having worked solely by referral in the real estate industry in Arizona for decades understands the value of her word, our reputation, and making clients more than happy with our services.

In fact, we believe in building a network of clients turned friends and welcome new relationships with cool people!

We also have lawyers available if you would like a legal review as a final check before submission for an additional and separate fee.
All Packages Include at Least an Hour of Consulting by Video or Phone
Options for both the tech saavy client and the non-tech saavy client to get us your documents in a secure fashion
Customized detailed timeline will be delivered to you once you have a fairly firm estimated arrival date in Portugal
Biweekly File Updates from Heather & Available for Scheduled Calls
Final Video Review prior to Submission Included
We are so grateful to Heather Binder for all of her amazing assistance, knowledge, and kindness throughout our moving to Portugal adventure! Her assistance and thoroughness helped us speed through our Visa applications and receive our approvals in about 30 days! Heather has been a lifesaver! Her years of experience as a realtor in Phoenix, AZ as well as her time spent in Portugal has equipped her for providing great advice. If anyone is interested in making the move to Portugal and is looking for a valuable resource to simplify the process I would certainly recommend Heather! You will not regret it!
Melissa & Jimmy BaughnD7 VISA Recipients