SEF Document Preparation Assistance & More...

Do not mistep here and cause yourself heartache and added stress. Let us help you make sure you have everything you need and acceptable documents for a successful SEF appointment!

Accompaniment to your appointment may be available from one of our trusted partners or attorneys. Please ask us if you are interested in more information and where your SEF appointment is scheduled.

Options for both the tech saavy client and the non-tech saavy client to get us your documents in a secure fashion
Final Review via video call with Heather to verify your documents
Ask about accompaniment to your appointment for a separate fee or Lawyer accompaniment
SEF Document Preparation Assistance

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    We're currently using Boots on the Ground Portugal services for our D7 Visa application, and so far what we've seen has been nothing short of fantastic--Heather Binder is super organized, offers superior tracking of each step, and full support during an extremely stressful process. We'd recommend "Boots on the Ground" for ex-pats looking for guidance on this complex effort. Thank you for making our lives less complicated! Looking forward to working with you during our journey abroad
    Peggy SaavedraTechnical Writer Google